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P.P.#75 Eva, Chelsea, Ruth & Linda

Monday, May 10th, 2010 Well our 4 beauties from P.P.#69 and 70 are at it again, with another TALKY. This time in the living room, they start sitting around in their cheerleading outfits. You get up the skirt tease shots. Then they try on tight blue jean shorts that really show off their butts. Next back into skirts, for camera walk overs for a real worms eye view up their skirts. Then more panty changes, with all sorts of colors, styles and textures of panties. If you like pantycovered crotches this tape is perfect for you!!!. While they are playing cards I bring you my famous panty close ups, for up the skirt views. I call this part “panties with panty mounds playing cards”. Later they pile up their panties and compare their titties. They sit around in their panties, there is no full nudity in this video, just four beauties, talking as girls will do. Their video is 1 hour long. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#74 Carolina

Monday, May 10th, 2010 Carolina is a dark haired exotic looking beauty, who is half Hawaiian and half Spanish. She has naturally dark wavy hair and a tight petite body. She starts in a black tight mini-dress and boots with white cotton brief panties. We get a worms eye view as she relaxes on the bed. Then she changes into a black shear panty, I give you up the skirt shots of her tight petite body. Then a light blue cotton panty, that really form fit her butt. Next a shear purple lace panty for more teasing. Then she takes off her panties, but leaves her skirt on to show us her hairy pussy under the skirt, a real turn on. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#73 Chelsea

Monday, May 10th, 2010 Chelsea from our 4-girl video #70, starts outside in her college cheerleading outfit with a white nylon panty underneath. Great up the skirt shots of her panty covered crotch. Then of her round butt. She teases us with too many up the skirt shots to mention, you just have to see for yourself. Then she does camera walkovers. She then changes, revealing a red bra, and gets into a blue plaid satin panty and a red skirt and top. More teasing us with up the skirt shots. Chelsea does everything she can to tease us and give us sneak peaks of her panties, then she gets into a black lace & red nylon panty, then into a white nylon brief panty, as she relaxes on a lounge chair she reveals them to us. Next she puts on a black lace and nylon panty and goes in the pool to lay on her float. These wet panties really cling to that round butt of hers. Near the end, she gets nude and plays with herself, we can see her light pubic hair. This is A MUST SEE VIDEO. *36-26-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#72 Linda

Monday, May 10th, 2010

PurePanties.comThis gorgeous brunette with the big blue eyes and “great tan” is Linda (from #70) She has a very, very, very tight butt, her butt is one of the best I have ever shot. She starts in a black skirt with a white lace & nylon panty, she teases us by giving glimpses of her panties as she moves and crosses and un-crosses her legs. Then a shear white panty under a skirt, great view of her butt crack through this panty. This girl knows what she has as she does camera walk overs for worms eye views. Next she gets into a red satin panty under a jean skirt and really teases us. Then a black see through panty under a white skirt, for more teasing and more walk overs. Then she tries on a “20′s flapper dress” she wore for a costume party and red nylon panties for more sneak peaks. After all the teasing this beauty shows all. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#71 Ruth

Monday, May 10th, 2010

PurePanties.comThis beauty is from the PP #70 4-girl video. Ruth, a very pretty blonde, is outside wearing workout shorts and a sports bra, they both cling to her body. Then she puts on a pair of satin briefs and a white flowing skirt, for some camera walk overs for real worms eye views. Next into a thong blue lace pair and a white tight skirt, this skirt shows off that butt of hers and I bring you close ups of her panty covered crotch and butt. Then into a multi-colored lace panty for still more butt close ups. Next is a pink shear brief panty, under a skirt outfit, Ruth does more camera walk overs for up the skirt shots!!! Then a red nylon panty that really fits her butt. Near the end she gets nude and shows her partially shaved pussy that if you look close you can see her juices dripping from. (57 minutes) *34B-25-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#70 Eva, Chelsea, Ruth & Linda

Monday, May 10th, 2010 In this 4-girl video we are in Linda’s bedroom and are ready for a night of panties with some HOT looking girls. They try on different panties, those of you who like nylon briefs, there are some great shots for you. As well as a lot of other panties, all colors and styles, all form fitting around these girls nice butts. As they share panties I bring you all sorts of sneak peaks and panty views. My special butt close ups, take you right there where you want to be. This video is a must for any true panty aficionado.(55 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#69 Eva, Chelsea, Ruth & Linda

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 This video stars four beauties, Eva, Chelsea, Ruth and Linda. This outdoor video is a TALKY, so you will be there with both video and sound. They got together for cheerleading practice after school, each wearing a different style panty. They try on many different types throughout this video, as they go about their changing. To start they are chatting around a table, I give you a worms eye view. Then they do some stretching, and they show off 4 tight panty covered butts. Next the girls do some cartwheels, for some panty tease shots. Next they change into their school uniforms, and sit around talking, great up the skirt shots. The 4 do camera walk overs then back into the cheerleading outfits with no panties underneath, for more camera walkovers, these are terrific bottomless cheerleader shots, for a real worms eye view of their pussies. Then they take off their tops for some topless cheerleading, and more cartwheels with JUST THEIR SKIRTS ON. Their video is 59 minutes long. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#68 Mary Jo

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

PurePanties.comMary Jo is from Memphis and came here to visit a friend, what luck for us!! This blonde begins in a black mini skirt with white satin panties underneath. She teases us on the bed, her butt really fills these out until they almost rip. Under a sun dress with white nylon briefs, Mary Jo gets on the bed to show off her crotch and butt. Next a form fitting pair of white nylon with polka dot briefs that are very tight. Then a blue satin panty that shows off that butt of hers. Next she gets into a white mini dress, teasing us on her chair. Then a pair of pink satin briefs. Near the end she gets nude under her dress, sneak peaks of her shaved pussy, then she takes that off and we see her naked self. (53 minutes) *35-27-33 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#67 Robin

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 Robin is a dark haired, made for sex, Brazilian girl with a GREAT ASS, and large natural breasts. Robin starts outside with a pair of white cotton & lace panties under a skirt on the hammock by the pool, I bring you terrific crotch and ass shots. Then into a shear pink nylon panty, you can see her dark hair poking through as she does camera walk overs, for worms eye views of her panty covered crotch and butt. Next Robin gets into a black mini dress for more walk overs, her panties really form fit her butt. Then a pair of pastel blue nylon panties for more teasing, then a pair of white cotton briefs and a pair of white cotton French cut panties. Later she tries on a yellow cotton French cut panty for more camera walkovers and into an orange skirt for still more tease shots. Take it from me she really knows how to tease. Bottomless under her skirt, I get great up the skirt shots. To cool off she gets in the pool and soaks her panties, boy do these WET panties cling to her Ass. Finally we get to see all of her naked body, what a sight. (1 hour) *36-25-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#66 Melinda & Marsha

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 This video stars two cutie pies, Melinda from PP #61 and Marsha from PP #62. They became friends in high school and here they are now, shooting a video together. Now that’s friendship. They are dressed in denim shorts with halter tops. They try on little bra and panty sets. Melinda in a blue lace (see-through) her butt is so sexy through these, and Marsha puts on a pastel green satin set. Later they try on little dresses for tease up the skirts. Melinda puts on a denim skirt and you get glimpses of her panties. Marsha has on a black mini skirt. Then these two slow dance over my camera for worms eye views up both their skirts. The two pillow fight, which turns into some wrestling, I get you great panty shots. They switch panties and clothes. Then they relax on the couch showing off their panties. They have so many panties to keep track of. Melinda brushes Marsha’s hair, and I sneak you peaks up their skirts. To repay her Marsha gives Melinda a massage, then they start stroking each other, you can tell they are making each other excited, before they know it they are naked and watch what happens next. Their video runs 1 hour and 6 minutes long. A must have for any true panty collector. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#65 Stacy

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 Stacy is a very, very pretty brunette. She starts in a blue dress with a light pink nylon brief panty underneath and moves around her bedroom. I give you tease shots up her dress. Then she puts on a white satin panty under a blue & white dress, you get my famous up the skirt shots, then she goes outside for more teasing on a lounge chair. Next into a white lace panty under a denim dress, for worms eye views up those legs to her panty covered crotch, with some great closeups. Then a black nylon panty under a mini skirt and she does camera walkovers. In the end she gets naked so you can see all of her great figure and almost hairless pussy. (56 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#64 Shelly

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 Shelly, a pretty, dark haired girl, starts in a blue dress with black nylon panties. She changes into a tan cotton brief under a white skirt, her round ass really fills them out. After some up the skirt shots she puts on a light green nylon & lace panty under a tight red skirt, you get my famous worms eye views of her crotch and butt. Then into a flowered white cotton panty for still more teasing, then a flowery satin pair under her night shirt. Shelly loves panties and throughout her video she is constantly pulling them on to model and then pulling them off, panty after panty. In the end she gets naked, showing you her pussy and butt hole. You can see her pussy glistening as she is excited! (59 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#63 Amy

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 Amy, a brown haired, brown eyed petite thing, starts in a short dress that creeps up her butt revealing white cotton panties. Real up the skirt shots & great butt shots as her butt fills the screen. Then into a pink cotton panty under a white skirt and halter top. While shooting pool she gets in some positions so I take advantage and give you worms eye views, both front & back. Next under a jean skirt, she sits in a cotton panty for still more teasing, then on the floor for more crotch shots. Near the end Amy goes nude for us, showing off her almost hairless pussy. (57 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#62 Marsha

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 Marsha, a petite thing with dirty blonde hair is outside wearing a short dress with a pair of light blue nylon panties. She gets on the hammock for some up the skirt shots. Then she puts on a pink shear nylon & lace panty for some teasing, showing off her panty covered crotch. She then puts on a long dress and does camera walkovers, both “front and back views”. These are some of my best up the skirt shots. At this point the video would be rated one of my best. But Marsha, continues in a light green nylon panty under a white skirt, she teases us by the pool, as she gets them WET, boy do they really cling to her petite shape. Then she squeezes into a white lace panty under a multi-colored skirt, for still more teasing, then a pink lace panty. You can tell how shy she is, she hardly looks at the camera through out this whole video. This is her first time in front of a camera. At the end she gets naked for us to enjoy her body. (59 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#61 Melinda

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 Melinda, a tall slender short haired blonde, is outside in her white nylon briefs. Her ass really fills out these panties, almost to the breaking point, I get you up close and personal. Then she puts on a black nylon & lace panty under a mini skirt, she does camera walkovers, for worms eye views of her butt and crotch. Then because it is near Christmas, she bought a special white nylon “Christmas Panty”, which she teases us wearing while relaxing in a lounge chair, they really fit tight and show off her mound. She gets them WET in the pool and you can see her butt crack through the panty. Then Melinda tries on another pair of white nylon briefs, this girl really loves to tease. She is so turned on she can’t keep her hands off herself. Next into a white cotton with flowery print panty and back on to the hammock for some unique sneak shots. Then she goes nude, I take you right up her butt hole and close enough to her pussy you can taste it. (1 hour) *34-24-34 Video can be viewed at