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P.P.#135 Paula

Monday, June 21st, 2010 Paula, a very pretty brunette starts her video in a blue skirt with form fitting blue lace bikini panties, she is a tease!! She begins by giving us glimpses up her skirt for real worms eye views. Then Paula tries on red silk bikini panties with a red skirt, for more teasing. Then she gets into a white nylon panty for up the skirt shots. She has a very nice butt. Paula really shows it off by putting on a white flowered thong panty with a white little dress, you can see her panties through the dress. Then she changes into just a T-shirt and sexy black panties that really stretch over her butt. At the end she gets nude revealing her large tits and neatly trimmed bush. This video is a must for those who love to view sexy panties on a sexy girl. (1 hour) *38-24-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#134 Andrea

Monday, June 21st, 2010 This video stars Andrea, a girl with very long hair who wears glasses. She starts in a mini dress with a black satin flowered panty underneath. She gives us glimpses up her skirt as she is sitting and crossing and uncrossing her legs. Then she moves around all the while teasing us. Her round full butt really fills out her panties. She lies on the floor, butt up and slowly humps the floor. She then changes into a light green satin bikini panty, I bring you a worms eye view as she moves around on the couch, then she relaxes on the floor for more panty teasing. Next Andrea puts on a pink cotton panty under a blue skirt, more bending over revealing her panty covered butt and crotch. You can see her hair through the lacy front on her panties. Then she models in just her panties for us, then Andrea puts on a purple satin panty for still more teasing. After she puts on a blue lace and satin panty, she pulls them to the side giving us glimpses of her pussy. She gets into a light purple cotton panty rubs her pussy through the panties and then under her panties as well. These really show off her round ass!! She gets nude at the end revealing her large tits. A must for those who love sexy panties. (1 hour) *34-24-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#133 Paige, April & Brooke

Monday, June 21st, 2010 The 3 beauties from videos #131 & #132 are OUTSIDE in a TALKY video, showing off different panties and skirts, all the while I am filming to give you the best angles possible for the best worms eye views of their panty covered crotches and butts. They try on many different types and colors of panties! They eventually get into the pool and have some fun playing around and then they go skinny dipping. (63 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#132 Paige, April & Brooke

Monday, June 21st, 2010 With the three girls from P.P. #131 this TALKY video is set in the living room. The girls are sitting on the couch panty talking and showing off their panties to each other and to us. They move around with their skirts and panties on giving us great views of their panty covered butts. They let each other try on the other’s panties and see how they compare on. Through out this video, they sit at the desk and I bring you worms eye views. They crawl on the floor and under the desk and my camera is there showing you their panties. Then they walk around with just their panties on and at the end get nude, showing off their bodies. As with all of the videos, these girls try on at least 5 pairs of different panties each. (1 hour) *TALKY Video can be viewed at

P.P.#131 Paige, April & Brooke

Thursday, June 17th, 2010 This video stars Paige from PP #109 (you can’t forget Paige), Brooke from P.P. #107 and their friend April. This TALKY video is set in the bedroom. The girls are resting on the bed as I give you sneak peaks up their skirts for worms eye views. You see throughout this video, lace panties, nylon panties and cotton panties, and they do a lot of “PANTY TALKING”. As they play around and just be girls, you get great views up their skirts. They then go into the shower with their panties on, showing off how they look when their panties get wet. At the end, they get naked and show their birthday suits. (1 hour) *TALKY Video can be viewed at

P.P.#130 Cassie & Desiree

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

PurePanties.comThis video stars two blondes with great bodies, the first is Cassie from #127 and the other is Desiree from #129. These two do an all OUTSIDE TALKY video and a very HOT PANTY VIDEO. They chit chat while comparing panties, Cassie wearing a black & gold lace pair and Desiree a baby blue cotton high-cut pair under free flowing skirts. I bring you glimpses up Cassie’s skirt as she sits in a chair and worms eye view of Desiree as she is standing. Then Desiree gets into a white cotton panty for more flashing. Many panty changes, then they go into the pool wearing little tops and just panties. Those panties really form fit these girl’s butts. Then they move to the lounge chairs to dry off with the California Sun, they show off their butt as thay are laying on the chairs. These two love to walk around with just their panties and a shirt on and nothing else. Desiree gets into a thong pair, showing us her butt cheeks, while Cassie is in a bikini pair. They change into some skirts for camera walk overs for worms eye views of these two. At the end, they both get naked showing off beautiful bodies and gorgeous natural tits. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#129 Desiree

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 Desiree is a gorgeous blonde with a NICE ROUND BUTT. She is 5′ 11″ tall and really fills out a pair of panties as you will see. While she is sitting on a couch, separating her panties, you get up the skirt shots of her white lace panties. She changes into a tight yellow skirt, which that ass of hers really fills out. Then she changes into full white cotton briefs, and I bring you more up the skirt shots. She then does camera walk overs, for real worms eye views. As she is standing over the camera, Desiree changes into a white satin bikini panty, you get GREAT butt and panty covered crotch shots. WHAT AN ASS!!! After she gets on the floor playing with her vibrator, all the while showing off her panties. She stands to put on a white cotton bikini panty and pulls them into her pussy lips, what a great shot. At the end of this ALL WHITE PANTY video she lies on the floor naked and shows off what’s been under those panties. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#128 Alexandria & Marcy

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 This video stars two of mine, and I hope – your favorite girls, Alexandria from PP #97 and Marcy from PP #118, these two met the last time they were here and there was an immediate attraction. They do an OUTDOOR TALKY video. Alexandria starts in a little black skirt & white blouse and heels, while Marcy is in a white skirt & blouse. Thses two love to try on many different types of panties. Marcy tells me that each type feels differently against her pussy, so it is a “real rush” trying on different ones. Through out this video they give us peaks up their skirts. Also they parade around with just their panties on (as per some of your requests). When they get into the pool, their panties get wet and really form fit their bodies. I bring you terrific views of their panty covered bodies, as well as their nude bodies as they splash in the pool together. (62 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#127 Cassie

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 This girl is a real sweetheart, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, with a NICE slender body and GREAT ass. You get my famous up the skirt shots of her pink cotton panties as she sits in a chair. She is such a little tease, as she squirms, we get glimpses of her panties. She changes into a short denim dress, with a pair of beige satin high cut briefs (with a lacy waist band). As she is sitting on the floor, she moves around teasing us once again. Then for worms eye views she does camera walkovers. This blonde is great as she shows off her round firm ass. WHAT A TEASE!!!! Then she changes into bright yellow cotton panties under a little white dress. Then more walkovers. As she is on her knees on the floor, she bends over moving her butt for us. Then Cassie, changes into a light pink cotton full cut brief pair. Next she takes off her top and she leaves on just a skirt with panties underneath, showing us her natural beautiful tits. Then into just a pair of full cotton briefs (the ones with the seam up the butt). Then more panties, this time into a light yellow cotton brief panty with only her panties on. At the end Cassie, shows off her gorgeous body, rubbing her scent from her panties all over her body. (63 minutes) *34-24-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#126 Donna

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 Donna is a 5’11′ tall sexy short haired brunette. She starts wearing thigh high white stockings, white cotton panties and later a white bra. She is sitting in a chair and she is teasing us, by showing glimpses of her panty covered crotch. It is so good, when you see a butt like Donna’s filling out her panties, just so, so good. She changes into a white half slip and skirt with light blue nylon panties underneath. She is one hell of a teaser, she KNOWS what to do, to turn guys on. Donna changes into a little black bra and black thigh high stockings, as she is doing this I bring you peaks up her skirt. Then she puts on pink nylon briefs for worms eye views, all I can say is she is HOT HOT!!!! Next she squeezes into a green satin brief panty, which she fills to the seams. If all that wasn’t enough, she puts on a full white slip, a slip really looks good on a tall girl. Then a pair of tan nylon briefs for more teasing and next a HOT PINK nylon panty which look terrific on her body. She does some camera walkovers. At the end she gets naked revealing her little hair patch and nice natural tits. YOU WON”T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Video can be viewed at

P.P. #125 Nadine

Monday, June 14th, 2010 Nadine stars in an ALL WHITE PANTY VIDEO. We were on the way to the house when I saw a small park over looking the city, so we walked down. Nadine is wearing a short Jean skirt with white nylon panties. I bring you my famous worms eye views as she bends over, as well as frontal worms eye view shots. As she sits on a rock you get more up the skirt shots. She changes into a white cotton panty that she really “fills out”. She walks back and forth for the camera so we can see her wiggle. After about 20 minutes of her GREAT teasing, we go to the house, around the pool area. She puts on a tight red dress and does some more teasing for us. She lays on the lounge chair for some nice ass shots of her butt. Nadine tries on another short skirt. You get a lot of long views of her panty covered butt and crotch. That butt of hers really, I mean really, fills out panties. Next she puts on a white satin bikini panty for more peaks up her skirt. At the end she gets naked and shows “pink” for us. This video is some of my best work, if I do say so myself. (1 hour) *34-24-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P. #124 Katay

Monday, June 14th, 2010 Thanks to the end of Communism, I have found Katay, she is from Russia, and doesn’t speak much English. Katay is a dirty blonde with round thighs and butt. She starts out in black thigh high stockings and pink nylon panties with a tight black dress and heels. After some great shots, she changes into a pair of pink thigh high stockings and you get my famous up the skirt shots. She then changes into a pair of tight yellow form fitting panties that really show off her round ass, then into a dark purple satin pair. After some more teasing, she squeezes into a white high cut brief pair, showing off that great round ass of hers. Then it’s into a light green pair for camera walkovers, and then she walks around with just her panties on. Next she puts on a beige lacy pair under a Jean skirt and teases the camera. She pulls the panties between her pussy lips and up her butt crack. Next she wears a full brief nylon white pair and pulls them between her pussy lips as well. Katay told me that in Russia, she usually never had more than 2 pair of panties at any one time, when a shipment came in (which wasn’t very often), you have to be at the right place at the right time or hope that a friend or relative is there to buy some for you when the panties and bras are put on sale. She loves to tease. She gets on the bed and tightens her butt as she moves it toward the camera (a terrific shot). At the end she shows off her COMPLETELY SHAVED pussy which she plays with and rubs her panties through. She told me that she was getting excited by the smell of her pussy on her panties. At 1 hour turn up your sound, because Katay has a message for you. I guess girls are girls where ever they are from, they all love panties. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P. #123 Sissy

Monday, June 14th, 2010 This video stars Sissy, a pretty girl with straight long black hair and a slim body. She starts out with a sneak peak up her skirt, revealing beige cotton and lace bikini panties. You can see her black patch and pussy lips thru them. Then a worms eye view as she reads her magazine unaware that we are watching her. She changes into a blue nylon brief pair under a white skirt, as she bends over you get worms eye views of her panty covered butt as her skirt rises. Then she sits on the couch, legs apart and you get long views of her panty covered crotch and her butt. Next she puts on a light purple nylon high cut brief pair under a jean skirt for more teasing. Then a light yellow full cut brief with nothing else on, showing off her natural tits. At the end Sissy gets fully nude showing off her little dark patch of hair. There is not a lot of action as she is very nervous, but this gives me the advantage of long views up her skirt. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P. #122 Brooke, Blythe & Dina

Monday, June 14th, 2010 I convinced three of my beauties: Brooke (PP #107), Blythe (PP #102) & Dina (PP #99) into spending a Saturday afternoon together and I told them to forget the camera was there and just do what comes natural for three friends. You know them separately, now see them together showing off their beautiful bodies and panties. They try on many different styles and colors of panties. They love showing off their butts for the camera, this tape is truly a sneak peak video, as these three play around and I get you glimpses up their skirts. They start in the living room playing around and they do camera walkovers. Then they decide to go outside to the pool. As they get wet they show off to each other (& us) their clinging wet panties. At the end these three get naked and show us their best parts. For those of you that like quick peaks up the skirt, you will like this video. (1 hour) *TALKY Video can be viewed at

P.P.#121 Roxanne

Monday, June 14th, 2010 Roxanne is an exchange student from England studying American Literature at U.C.L.A. She told me that the only way that she would do a video is if she wore only PINK PANTIES. Roxanne says that pink is her favorite color. Turn on your volume at about 12 minutes, because Roxanne, TALKS to you in one of the most EROTIC VOICES that I have ever heard. She starts in a black mini skirt and gives us many up the skirt shots both front and rear views. She has a great round butt, which she proudly shows to us. She talks about being “wet between her legs”, which to me is a real turn on. Then she changes into a tight white dress with nylon bikini panties (pink of course). I bring you nice slow close ups of her panty covered crotch. Roxanne also shows us her natural breasts. When she takes off her shear lace skirt GREAT BUTT SHOTS. You can tell that between her taste and smell she is turning herself on. She starts rubbing her pussy under her panties, and then pulls them up between her pussy lips. Then she puts on a nylon brief form fitting pair and nothing else. Roxanne pulls them to the side and really goes at her pussy. If you never order another one of my videos get this one. (1 hour) *1/2 of video is TALKY *36B-24-34 Video can be viewed at