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P.P.# 227 Hannah

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Hannah This pretty blonde is Hannah, she too has a great round butt. She begins in a pair of pink nylon panties, under a black skirt. She wiggles her butt at the camera and then opens her legs wide and rubs her thighs. You get up the skirt shots as I give you glimpses of her panty covered crotch. Hannah then puts on a pink satin panty, with a little black bra and as she bends over you get a terrific butt shot. She then crawls on the floor and then squats and pulls her panties to the side. After all this teasing she wiggles out of them. Next she puts on a white cotton with the see-thru lace front. She puts her hand down her front and you see her fingers working her pussy. Then she puts on a white cotton panty and then plays with her pussy over and then under her panties. She changes her skirt to a cute pink plaid one and I bring you up the skirt shots of her panty covered butt and crotch. Hannah then puts on a white satin and lace panty and gives us great up the skirt shots and then a white cotton panty. At the end she gets naked and shows us her pink wet pussy. 68 minutes