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P.P.#60 Sherstyn

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

PurePanties.comFor those of you that have wanted to see the panties of the girl who lived in the apartment next to yours. Here she is…Sherstyn, a tall brunette, invites you to her apartment to let you see her in a pair of blue nylon panties as she sits at her kitchen table eating breakfast. Next into a white nylon panty, that form fits her butt. Then she gets into a white skirt with a pair of multi-colored nylon panties and a white bra for teasing on her bed. After she sits in a chair in her black short dress for up the skirt shots. Then Sherstyn tries on a light blue nylon brief under a sun dress. More worms eye views and great crotch shots. She does camera walk overs with some wiggling and butt squeezing over the camera. Near the end she shows off her HAIRY bush and small firm tits, she has never done this before and it shows, as she is making herself wet, by showing off. She told me that I must tell my customers that she was very shy and nervous and that she hoped they didn’t mind. I told her that I knew you wouldn’t mind. (67 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#59 Brittany

Monday, April 19th, 2010

PurePanties.comMany of you have requested a video on Brittany, the petite blonde from #52. Well this is her video. She starts in her University cheerleading outfit, fresh from practice, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, you get a glimpse of her hidden white cotton brief panties. This is a great tease shot, because her allusive panties can be seen, but just barely. She then lays on the bed for close up crotch shots, and a worms eye view up her skirt. See her panties stretched across her tight butt. Then Brittany, puts on a pair of white satin briefs with a white bra, under a blue skirt for more teasing and worms eye views. Then she gets into a pink satin panty (nice and shiny) under a white pleated skirt. She gets on the bed and grinds her tight ass. Then she puts on a red skirt for still more teasing. Next a blue cotton panty under a yellow dress for STILL more teasing and up the skirt shots. If all this wasn’t enough, she goes into the shower with her favorite white cotton brief panty on. She soaps herself and her panties up, great shots of her WET PANTY clinging to her petite body. Then after she is all clean, she gets on the bed for some self touching to calm her down, and we see all of Brittany’s body. Then she gets back in her outfit, this time without panties underneath for some bottomless cheerleader shots. (57 minutes) *34-24-35 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#58 Bobbi

Monday, April 19th, 2010 Bobbi is a very pretty brunette, she starts right in a tight pair of blue jeans (always sexy). She removes them and shows off her nylon briefs and white bra on her petite figure. Then she gets into a black tight skirt and blue halter top, she rolls around on her bed to tease us by giving us glimpses of her panties. Then she puts on a blue cotton French cut panty under a black flowery dress. She twirls around to give us up the skirt shots, then back on to the bed and we look up her dress as she pumps her butt up and down. Then she puts on a red lace thong and matching bra, under a jean skirt and 1/2 top, crawling across the bed we see up her skirt to her panty covered pussy. The skirt moves up her butt to show off her ass. Then into a shear peach lace panty under a white skirt, Bobbi is a major tease. I get you under her for worms eye views of those panties. Then she does a white lace panty, and I mean “does”. Panties were made to be worn by girls like Bobbi, a girl who knows what she has and knows how to show it. She then leaves a sweat shirt on and a pair of panties, the shirt just covers her butt, so every time she moves we get a different view of her panties. This is panty teasing at its best. Bobbie then tries on a pastel blue cotton pair, for still more teasing. She moves on the bed, which really shows off her butt. At the end she is wearing a white skirt with no panties to reveal her hairy patch, this my friends is a must see and a really big turn on. Then she is totally nude for pussy and butt hole close ups. (1 hour) *34-20-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#57 Jill

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

PurePanties.comJill, a sexy blonde, starts in a white flowing skirt and cowboy boots. Bending over to get something under her bed we see her peach lace panties. Changing into a black business dress we see her sexy black bra. She lies on the bed for great worms eye views of her panty covered butt and crotch. Next into a white satin panty under a peach skirt and white heels, she teases us with that slim body of hers, showing off her panties as she moves on the bed. Next camera walk overs for a terrific worms eye view, I get so close to her pussy that the heat almost steams up the lens. Then Jill tries on a white cotton panty under an orange skirt, she gets on the floor for her daily stretching exercises. GREAT UP THE SKIRT SHOTS. After stretching she changes into pink nylon briefs with lace front and a white skirt, for still more teasing. She removes the panties and bra to show us her shaved pussy under her skirt. She goes nude to reveal one of the best bodies I ever shot. Excited you can see her pussy glistening with her juices. She rolls all over the bed so that you can see EVERY INCH of her body, I give you a great butt hole view too! (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#56 Mindy

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

PurePanties.comAnyone into beautiful brunettes, with a wild sexual appetite and love for both her panties and her pussy should order Mindy. Mindy tries on a white panty and a purple nylon pair of panties under a striped skirt outfit. Then she takes off the panties and leaves the outfit on for some great shots. Then a peach nylon brief panty under a sexy dress, then a black flowery satin thong pair that really shows that tight ass of hers. Next a white nylon pair for still more teasing, she loves to wear panties, cause the material feels so good against her crotch. Next she puts on a white nylon brief pair and humps and bumps her pillow, you can tell that she is getting excited. She sucks on her warm panties, Mindy tells me that she can’t get enough of her own juices. She uses her panties to rub her clit, making herself very hot. She has got nice small titties. She finds her vibrator and really goes to town on herself, both with and without her panties on, because she gets them so wet, I bring you close enough to smell her sweet smell. BONUS: TURN UP THE SOUND THE LAST 5 MINUTES of this tape. (There is only sound the last few minutes and it is well worth it!!!) (58 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#55 Jessica

Sunday, April 11th, 2010 Jessica, a buxom blonde, starts on a bench wearing peach cotton briefs, she wiggles that round butt of hers at the camera and I bring you right there (reach out and touch someone). Then into white cotton briefs under a tight, tight yellow dress. She poses so you can see up her dress for real worms eye views. Then into a red tight dress and blue cotton panties, more worms eye views as she moves around. Sneak peaks up her dress, with extreme close ups, just like you want them. Next she puts on a sexy white nylon panty and bra set for more teasing to pleasing. Then a pair of tan cotton briefs, they are so tight around that pussy of hers that you see the folds of her lips. After that she puts back on the yellow dress, but this time wearing nothing underneath. I give you worms eye views of her pussy, you can see her patch of blonde pussy hair. For those that like a very busty good looking blonde, this is a must have video. Also there is nudity through out as she changes from one pair of panties to another. (52 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#54 Cyndy

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

PurePanties.comCyndy is a petite blue-eyed, blonde, college cheerleader. She starts with a polka dot cotton brief cotton panty under her cheerleader outfit. At the beginning of this video, she doesn’t even know that I started filming, she was just lounging around waiting, these are some great natural shots of her panties and you get a perfect shot of her tight little butt. She does her routine giving you worms eye views, as she does her high kicks and goes through some cheers. She then puts on a blue satin and lace brief panty and a loose flowing short skirt, more up the skirt shots of her butt hugging panties. Then she teases us some more, this time ia a blue satin French cut panty, she loves to show off her panties, a natural tease. Then she puts on a flowered skirt, for some more worms eye views of her small ass. After you can’t stand it anymore, she then puts on a white nylon brief panty, these are really tight on that butt, you can tell that she is a born model, just how she poses. She then tries on a shear pink panty, it is such a turn on to see her butt crack through them. She does some stretching so that we can get down and dirty views of her panty covered crotch. Then to top it off she does some panty-less cheerleading routines in her cheerleader outfit, with of course more high kicks. How come we didn’t have cheerleaders like this when I was in college? You get great shots of her hairy pussy and butt. (62 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#53 Molly

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

PurePanties.comMolly is a wild red head from England who moved here 5 years ago, and fell in love with the L.A. area. She tells me that she loves the non-stop action. Molly herself is full of non-stop action as you will see in her video. I just let her be herself, she actually directed me on how to film her. Molly starts in a tight orange mini dress with dark red nylon panties and a strapless bra, which covers her nice set of tits. She put the “tease” in the word tease. You get right up that dress of hers, both GREAT butt and crotch shots. She squats into the camera, for real worms eye views, then does camera walk overs. Her butt really fills out those panties. Next she squeezes into a flowery pair of satin panties, she says the material against her pussy really makes it wet. More, I mean MORE teasing for the camera. She puts on a workout body suit and shoves her crotch at the camera for a 3-D effect. Then she puts on a French cut white lace panty under a white tight mini dress, that shows off her curves, I bring you my famous crotch close ups. You can tell that Molly is really getting into this, she humps a pillow and you can see her pussy start to glisten with moisture. She literally went crazy, teasing to please. She then puts on a satin & lace red panty and thrusts for you and humps the bed, she can’t get enough of herself and neither will you. She gets the panties between her pussy lips so that she can feel that feeling (as she tells me). Molly rubs lotion all over her body and hairy pussy and masturbates to completion. (52 min) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#52 Susan, Peggy & Brittany

Friday, April 9th, 2010 Many of you have asked for more multi-girl videos, so this is the first of many more to come. Our 3 girls are Susan (yes, you remember her from PP #11 and #12), Brittany who also stars in PP #59 and #183, and their friend Peggy. They begin on the bed deciding which panties to try on. Two of them get into Poodle skirt’s (remember the 50′s poodle skirt). Then Peggy tries on her cheerleader outfit. These girls change into an array of panties…purple satin, plaid thong panty, white nylon & lace, cotton with little prints on them and more! They enjoy touching their own as well as each others panties. They peek into each others panties to see and compare each others pubic hair. All the girls are partially shaved to give us better views of their holes. Brittany likes to touch herself under her satin panties and I bring you right up close, a great worm’s eye view. These girls begin to spank each other to see who likes it the most, I won’t tell you which one does, you’ll have to see for yourself. Throughout this video I give you my famous worms eye views and terrific butt shots. They change into still more panties including, lace, nylon, satin, cotton all in various colors, and all just to tease you. Near the end they start wiggling their butts at the camera, wait until you see their bumping panties, then they go nude and beg you to look at their pussies. If you like wild nasty girls and like to go behind closed doors when girls get together, you’ll love this 1 hour and 8 minute video. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#51 Melissa

Friday, April 9th, 2010 Melissa begins on a swing with a black short dress and blue cotton panties, there are a lot of crotch and tease shots. She then does stretching exercises for more up the skirt shots. After her exercising, she puts on a pair of pink cotton panties with a tank top and a red & white skirt, she then plays with her ball, but in a way so that we get worms eye view up her skirt.There are a lot of great close ups showing off her crotch and tight firm butt. Next she finds a pair of white cottonbriefs that really form fit to her body and that show off that butt of hers. She stands on the swing and swings over the camera, for some great shots. Then she removes her panties so that we can admire her almost totally shaved pussy, which she swings towards us. At the end she gets nude for us to see all of her. Melissa’s video is 1 hour & 3 minutes long. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#50 Lynne

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Lynne is originally from Iowa, where she grew up on a farm. We found a barn and I let her go at it. She begins in a pair of gray cotton panties under a yellow skirt, she flashes us here and there, just to tease, as she does her daily chores. This is a real turn on, at one point she walks over the camera to get something for a great worms eye view. You get great close ups of her crotch. She finds a bull whip and plays with it in her panties, pulling it in and out. She then changes into a G-string thong white lace panty under a denim skirt. More close ups of her round butt and crotch, you can see her pussy hair through the lace, which is a terrific turn in. Lynne tells me she loves to tease the farm hands with her body. She loves to squat down while she is doing her farm duties and flash the men her panties. She can see them peaking at her panties and it makes her real excited while it makes the men horny. Sometimes she’ll look up and catch them and they get real embarrassed… but they keep on looking. Next into a black loose fitting skirt with flowery satin with black lace panties for more teasing shots. Then she puts on a sun dress with pastel blue cotton tight fitting panties. The dress barely covers her butt, so I give you great worms eye views up her skirt. She then spills water on her body and gets her pretty panties wet. At the end Lynne reveals her HAIRY bush and naturally large boobs. (66 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#49 Anna

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Anna, one of the prettiest girls I have ever shot, starts outdoors in a black mini skirt with black lace panties underneath. She has a PERFECT BUTT, and I bring you my famous close ups of both her butt and crotch. You can see her pussy through the shear lace cloth. Then she walks into her bedroom and stretches on the bed, I bring you more panty shots. She changes into a tight fitting green satin panty and teases us some more. Next into a white nylon & lace panty that stretches to its limit around her butt. These are under a loose flowing skirt, Anna does camera walk overs for real worms eye views of that crotch and perfect butt of hers. She has the perfect shaped smaller tits. Then she puts on a white with polka dots pair of cotton briefs. Still more close ups of her butt. She slowly peels them off to reveal her sexy body. At the end you see her whole body and her love mound and butt hole as well. You can see how excited she is getting by how her pussy lips glisten with her juices. Anna is a real teaser!! (56 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#48 Heather

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 Heather our blonde from P.P. #40 is back again but this time we find her outdoors. First relaxing in a hammock with a white dress and black lacy panties underneath. She then moves to a lounge chair still showing off her panty covered crotch. Then she tries on a pair of nylon peach colored ones, that her butt really fills out. She puts on a purple pair that looks like they were painted on her, then a white lacy pair. She teases the camera by showing us down her butt crack. Then Heather puts on a full cut white nylon pair that she gets wet in the pool. Then into a white lace pair with still more close-ups. At the end she shows off her nude body for us, so that you can drink in all of her. Her video is 54 minutes long. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#47 Kelly

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 This first semester college student, Kelly (the petite, gorgeous blonde from #38) starts off in a pair of tight shorts with white cotton French cut panties that really show off that perfect butt of hers. Next she puts on a short Summer dress with blue satin panties, what a tease!! Then white panties under a pink dress, she does a head stand and her dress falls down and I bring you up close to her crotch. Terrific worms eye views of her crotch as she does somersaults. Kelly then puts on a HOT HOT HOT shear pink see through dress, you can see right through to her panties, a pair of light blue cotton ones. (She also wears this dress out in public, how come I never see these girls out in public) Next she puts on a pair of WET PANTIES and boy do they hug her body. Kelly loves to play, now she soaks them. You can see her mound and pussy hair through them. You can tell how much she is enjoying teasing us. Finishing up with just her birthday suit, she plays with her clit and masterbates licking her fingers to get her pussy wet, because she is so excited knowing what she is doing to us. You get great butt hole shots too. Each time I watch this video I don’t want it to end. All I can say is that if you never order another video from me order this one!! (58 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#46 Pam

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

PurePanties.comPam is a real sex pot, when I told her that this was a teasing video, she jumped at the idea. She loves to turn guys on, it makes her hot knowing that she is exciting them. She starts by doing jumping jacks in a gray skirt with yellow cotton panties on. The skirt rides up her body as she exercises and I get you right up her butt cheeks and crotch. She then changes into a hot pink nylon panty that really shows off that butt of hers. You get a worms eye view as she dances over the camera, this time wearing a tight black skirt. Then she gets into a nylon multi-colored bra and panty set under a white skirt. As she stretches on the couch I get you up close and personal to our favorite subject Pam’s panties. Then Pam puts on a sexy black dress with white see through panties, you can see her butt crack through them, which is a real turn on. I asked her if she goes out in public in that dress and she said, “of course, it’s a great pick up dress”. On the couch again she is loving her panties, touching them and feeling their silky texture. Then Pam puts on still another sexy dress this time with blue cotton panties underneath. Pam really fills out this dress and those panties, you get a worms eye view of her panty covered butt and more camera walkovers showing her crotch. She finds a vibrator in the couch and strips to nude using it to get herself going, then finishes with her fingers. (62 minutes) Video can be viewed at