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P.P.#46 Pam

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

PurePanties.comPam is a real sex pot, when I told her that this was a teasing video, she jumped at the idea. She loves to turn guys on, it makes her hot knowing that she is exciting them. She starts by doing jumping jacks in a gray skirt with yellow cotton panties on. The skirt rides up her body as she exercises and I get you right up her butt cheeks and crotch. She then changes into a hot pink nylon panty that really shows off that butt of hers. You get a worms eye view as she dances over the camera, this time wearing a tight black skirt. Then she gets into a nylon multi-colored bra and panty set under a white skirt. As she stretches on the couch I get you up close and personal to our favorite subject Pam’s panties. Then Pam puts on a sexy black dress with white see through panties, you can see her butt crack through them, which is a real turn on. I asked her if she goes out in public in that dress and she said, “of course, it’s a great pick up dress”. On the couch again she is loving her panties, touching them and feeling their silky texture. Then Pam puts on still another sexy dress this time with blue cotton panties underneath. Pam really fills out this dress and those panties, you get a worms eye view of her panty covered butt and more camera walkovers showing her crotch. She finds a vibrator in the couch and strips to nude using it to get herself going, then finishes with her fingers. (62 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#45 Joan

Monday, March 29th, 2010

PurePanties.comJoan, by request is one of our more mature, older models. This brunette with very large tits begins in a black dress with blue satin panties. I give you up the skirt shots of her crotch and butt. Then she tries on a pair of hot pink satin panties for some great worms eye view, crotch shots. Next Joan tries on a white satin French cut type for more teasing, then a pair of black & white satin ones for still more up the skirt tease shots, then still another pair of white satin for some terrific butt shots. Next a matching bra and panties set, made of white satin, then finally a pair of white cotton panties. If you like to see older models with big tits and lots of panty changes – this is for you! (53 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#44 Suzi

Monday, March 29th, 2010

PurePanties.comSuzi is one of the blondes from video #38. She starts in a gray plaid skirt and white nylon polka-dotted panties. She teases the camera as she shows off her butt and crotch. Then she gets into a pair of tan cotton ones, and gets on the floor, she shows off her round butt, by contracting it in and out and in and out (I could watch that part for hours) Then she gets into a flowery nylon panty, Suzi is a real tease and loves to show off her very pretty pussy. I had a hard time making her keep her panties on, she kept wanting to have her pussy out. I bring you my famous worms eye views of her panty covered crotch as she bumps and grinds on the desk. Then she squeezes into a dark pink satin panty under a black leather mini skirt for more panty teasing. Then she couldn’t take it anymore and she went bottomless under her skirt. You can see her pussy glistening from her wetness, as well as some great shots of her butthole. If you loved her in her triple video, you will have to have this video. (59 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#43 Lisa

Friday, March 26th, 2010

PurePanties.comLisa, a very pretty brunette, with a terrific ass starts in a pink skirt and black boots with white lace French cut panties, you get a worms eye view of that round butt of hers. They are so shear, you can see the whole crack of her butt through them, which is a real turn on!! Then she gets into a red skirt for worms eye views of her crotch. She is wearing underneath pink nylon panties, that really form fit her butt, then she starts dancing. For real up the skirt shots, she does Camera Walkovers. After that (if that wasn’t enough) she puts on a pair of white nylon panties with balloons on them, she is a real teaser and as you can see very sexual. Lisa tells me that her parents were and still are hippies, she learned about sex from them the “60′s way”. But this was her first time in front of a camera and she was a little nervous. Lisa then gets into a pair of white nylon panties under a yellow free-flowing skirt, which she loves to play with, this skirt really lets you see her panties. She then takes off the panties and goes fully nude. She has a nice patch of hair on her pussy. I bring you right up close to her pussy and you can see how wet she became!!! As nervous as she is, she still got wet, she told me later that she was a little embarrassed to show how much she enjoyed being in front of the camera. But her pussy didn’t lie, she loved it!! (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#42 Adrian

Friday, March 26th, 2010

PurePanties.comThis video stars Adrian, and I do mean stars. This brunette with the GREAT TIGHT BODY will absolutely make you fall in love. Starting in a pink skirt with white cotton brief panties underneath, you get peek-a-boo shots that show off her mound and FIRM ASS. Next you see worms eye views as she works out on the locker room workout bench. I get on the floor to bring you the best of her, just the way you want it, close up. Then Adrian puts on a light green cotton French cut panty under a mini dress, with more great up the skirt shots. Next into a tight fitting blue cotton panty under another mini dress. Her dresses are as sexy as her panties and really show off her panties. Then she puts on a light pink cotton brief, these really make her pussy mound show through. Still more worms eye views of that butt. She ends with just her beautiful body and that wonderful pussy mound of hers. Let me tell you the truth, I have never seen anything like it. It is a real turn on and something that can’t be missed. IT IS JUST THAT HOT A VIDEO. (58 minutes) Video can be viewed at

Panty Lovers

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

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P.P.#41 Sasha

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

PurePanties.comSasha, one of the lovely blondes from #38, starts in a dress with boots on and light green satin panties. I show you some great crotch and butt shots, and as you already know she is a tease. I bring you a real worms eye view shot up the dress of this sexy blonde. Then she puts on a purple and black lace panty under a pink short skirt, they really show off her butt, as it fills these panties to extreme. As she does some erotic dancing she is constantly teasing the camera with her panties. Then she tries on a sheer black French cut nylon panty for more teasing. I get the camera right on the floor, so we can get right up her dress. Then she puts on still another pair of panties, this time a pink cotton pair, and again I give you a worms eye view up her skirt. She is getting excited by all of this material on her crotch, so she asks me if it is all right for her to massage her pussy, I tell her sure massage right through the panties. She says the sensation of the panty material really makes her wet. In the end nude dancing and worms eye view of her pussy. (59 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#40 Heather

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

PurePanties.comHeather is a pretty blonde. Heather made me promise that I would show off her butt because she feels it is her best asset. She starts out in a white dress lounging on the couch wearing pink nylon panties. They ride right up her butt crack, I give you a worms eye of this. She then gets into a black sexy dress with pink satin and black lace panties for more teasing up the skirt shots. I bring you my famous crotch shots of this beauty. She then puts on a tight white dress and you can see her panties right through the material, this is a great turn on and shows off that butt of hers. Then she gets into a pair of white nylon panties under a pink dress, still more eye “popping” views. At the end Heather goes nude for you and applies moisturizing lotion all over herself, and I do mean all over. She makes herself hot with all this teasing that she does, you can really tell that she loves to tease. Her video is 1 hour long Video can be viewed at

P.P.#39 Michiko

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

PurePanties.comStaring Michiko, a petite beautiful Asian, who is so funny in this video. I just turned the camera on and she went crazy in this cute & silly panty tape. She loves to serve men in every way. When I told her about doing this video she couldn’t wait. Her personality really came through in this video. She starts in a pair of shorts with a white panty and bra set. She has a terrific tight little butt. She then puts on her dress and teases the camera. Then she puts on a pair of light pastel cotton briefs under a black stripped dress, then she gets into a pair of white cotton briefs. You can see her black pussy hair through her panties. You get my famous butt shots and worms eye views of this Asian Beauty. She brought a big stick lollipop, that she loves to suck on. At the end I bring you to her black hairy bush and dark butt hole, I get you “there”. You can tell she enjoys this because she is making herself wet. Michiko’s video is 50 minutes long. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#38 Sasha, Kelly & Suzi

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

PurePanties.comThis video stars 3 beautiful blondes in a panty-fest. Sasha, Suzi and Kelly are in Sasha’s living room putting on a show. Many panties with great worms eye views up their skirts. I bring you where you want to be. These babes do camera walkovers for real worms eye views. See their matched set of see through panties, each with a different color. They love to tease you with their panty covered bodies. They bring you many different skirt outfits and panties. At the end their is more nudity, they go right over my camera and you get a worms eye view of their pussies. (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it) You won’t want to miss their panty and pussy parade. (1 hour) *After you see them together you will want their solo videos too!! (Kelly in P.P. #47, Sasha in P.P. #41 and Suzi in P.P. #44, you can also see Kelly later with Kelsey in P.P. #192 and #245) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#37 Sasha, Suzi and Kelly

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

PurePanties.comWe have 3 beautiful blondes, in one spectacular panty-fest. It starts with Sasha, Suzi and Kelly in a TALKY, that is right, besides seeing these girls you will HEAR them as well. This video takes you right into their slumber party. Sasha starts out on her bed waiting for her friends to come over for a slumber party. When they arrive they show each other and us their clothes, panties and bras that they just bought. I give you a sneak peak up Sasha’s skirt to reveal a pair of flowery panties. Then you see Suzi’s blue nylon pair, between those legs of hers. The girls TALK about their panties and their love of panties, as well as how sexy they look in them. They show off their butt’s to each other and I bring you great close ups of their pretty tight butts. These girls love to tease for us, as you can see. They try on so many pairs of panties that I just can’t describe them all. But, some of the high lights are Suzi in a sexy black nylon pair, Kelly in a gray cotton pair, a see through pink pair that you can see the crack of her butt through. Panties, panties and more panties, all colors, styles and types (satin, lace, nylon, cotton, g-strings, briefs, French cut, etc.) At the end you see their great pussies, some have hair and some are partially shaved. There is so much action I just can’t describe it all, this is a must have video for ant serious panty collector. But, the best part is that this video is one hour and 8 minutes long at our regular price. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#36 Bonnie

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

PurePanties.comBonnie is a big titted brunette, with a round butt. As the song goes “Baby’s Got Back” if you know what I mean. She begins in a pink skirt and white satin panties, that butt of hers really fills out these panties. Then she gets into a different pair of white satin panties, this time with little polka dots on them. You get some great worms eye views of her crotch. As she goes through her exercise routine, I bring you more great views. Then Bonnie, gets into a tight fitting black dress with white cotton panties and tries the rowing machine, what more can you ask for, I get you right where you want to be. She does a lot of bending over shots. Then she squeezes into a denim skirt for more teasing. We then see her hairy bush and she does some panty-less up the skirt shots. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#35 Brittany

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

PurePanties.comBrittany is a tanned and toned California blonde with an ass that won’t quit, Brittany starts in a black skirt outfit with white lace panties underneath, this one is really a tease. You will love how the panties go up the crack of her ass. Then she gets into a mini skirt that really shows off her perfect round butt, this time with white nylon lace panties. She loves her butt, and really likes to show it off, by doing alot of gyrating movements. I give you my now famous worms eye view close-ups of her crotch and ass. She then gets into a pastel green lace nylon panty and a pink skirt, which really show off her butt. In her own words, Brittany says that she is wiggling up a storm, showing off for us. Then she gets into a white cotton full cut panty with still more teasing. And if she hasn’t done enough, she gets nude and shares her shaved pussy and butt hole. I take you right up her butt crack, then she models that perfect body of hers. (45 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#34 Nicole

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

PurePanties.comNicole is a nice looking blonde with a hard body that just won’t quit. She puts on a silver metallic skirt with white cotton panties underneath, and goes on her swing. You get a worms eye view of her panty covered pussy. Nicole then puts on a blue shear nylon and lace pair which fight very tight, and really shows off her round ass. Then she gets into a pink lace pair and black skirt, and as she is swinging it almost seems like 3-D as she swings into your face with both crotch and butt shots. She loves to show off that butt of hers. Nicole says that as far as she can remember, she has always recieved compliments on her butt. When she goes panty less you can see she is a natural blonde. There is some nudity at the end of this one hour video. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#33 Ashley

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

PurePanties.comAshley is a beautiful brunette. She comes home from work in her brown pleated skirt outfit with white brief cotton panties. She is relaxing on the couch after a rough day at the office. You get great shots of her butt and crotch. She tells me that after a real tough day, the only way that she can release her tension is by masturbating. Ashley jumped at the chance to show us what she does, and how she does it, because it would make her hotter knowing you guys were watching. She starts rubbing her pussy under her panties, you can tell that she really enjoys what she is doing. She puts on a beige nylon and lace panty. She says that the nylon against her pussy is really getting her wet. Ashley puts on a sexy black lace G-string panty, her ass cheeks look so inviting. She then finds tucked away in her couch, her little red friend (her vibrator). All through her self-love, I am giving you great worms eye views of her crotch and ass. After she cums, she puts on a blue nylon lace panty and goes to the pool to cool off. She gets on her float with her “friend” and makes herself cum again. Ashley says double your pleasure, with multiple orgasms. She then goes to her bathroom and puts on a pair of stocking type material pantyhose panties, she likes them because her pussy can breath and she can tease the men with this see-through panty. Ashley is WILD!! There are great nude shots throughout. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at