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P.P.#175 Colleen

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 Our cute blonde, Colleen, loves to tease you in her TALKY video. We find Colleen in her bathroom trying to get ready for a date, but like most girls she can’t make up her mind on what to wear. She starts wearing white satin briefs and a white bra under a black skirt and white shirt. She shows them off to us as she moves around her bathroom, putting on her make-up and fussing with her hair, then a sexy stretchy lace peach colored panty that really form fits her butt. As she is modeling just her panties and bra she continues to get ready for her date. As she cleans out her bathtub you get great natural worms eye view shots. Then wearing only a white satin panty she gets in the tub to see how her panties look wet. Boy, let me tell you they look really gooooood, as they form fit her body. Then she tries on another white satin panty for us, still not satisfied on what to wear she puts on a brown satin High-cut panty, then a green satin panty, modeling each and every pair for herself and of course for us. She decides on the green panty under a very sexy tight dress. After her date she comes back unfulfilled, so she has to take care of herself. She starts by rubbing through her panties, then under her panties, then she pulls them to her knees so she can get to her pussy better. She masturbates, showing us her pink glistening pussy and butt hole, which I bring you up close views of!! (65 minutes) *TALKY *32-24-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#174 Marty

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 This light-haired brunette is Marty. Marty starts her ALL SATIN PANTY VIDEO, in a little sun dress with dark blue shiny panties. As she moves about on her bed I bring you up the skirt shots. Then just wearing her top and panties, Marty models her panties for us, showing off how they cling to her butt. Then she puts on a white shiny satin panty and white bra under a white “virginal” dress. You can see her panties through the dress. If that wasn’t enough, as she moves and bends, you get my famous butt shots. Next, she changes into another “white see through dress and crawls on her knees as she makes up her bed”, GREAT BUTT shots. Then she puts on a baby blue shiny “sexy” Victoria Secrets like panty, under a black 2-piece skirt outfit. Great worms eye views of her panty covered crotch and butt. She does camera walk overs for real worms eye views. Next a green shiny panty under a white see through skirt. She gets on the bed and twirls around showing off her panties underneath. Next a blue panty with the lacy waist band and models for us. She squats showing off her panties and then twirls around for more terrific shots. Then another blue satin panty, she wears just the panty and nothing else, showing us her natural tits and awesome body. When she finishes modeling, she pulls them to the side showing off her pink pussy and I do mean “pink” pussy. Nude at the end , you can see her pussy juices glistening!!! (1 hour) *34B-26-32 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#173 Tani

Monday, July 26th, 2010 Tani, as you can see, is a very pretty, sexy girl. She wanted me to tell you that she is 1/4 Asian & 3/4 American, and 100% tease. Tani stars in an ALL SATIN PANTY VIDEO. As Tani adjusts her blanket you get some great NATURAL shots of her squatting and bending over in her beautiful pastel pink nylon panties. Then she takes off her skirt and models just her panties for us. This girl knows what guys want to see. As she innocently bends down picking flowers, she gives us glimpses up her skirt of her hot pink panties. She changes into another outfit and we see her nice sized natural tits. More great ass shots in her video as well. Next Tani puts on a dark blue, satin high-cut brief panty, which are perfect on her butt. She even crawls for you in this “perfect” panty and squats too!! Next a pair of beige satin panties and teases just right, you won’t be able to stand it when she gets on all 4′s. She slowly changes into a yellow panty and does camera walk-overs, with help from the wind these shots are awesome. After she gets into a brown satin high cut brief panty. This tape has plenty of panties! Moving around she models a black flowered bikini panty with nothing else on. After she can’t take it anymore she gets her perfect body nude and plays with her pussy, she opens so we can see her pink inside her pussy lips. (1 hour) *35-25-35 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#171 Nancy

Monday, July 26th, 2010 Meet Nancy, a cute blonde who starts with a pair of white with blue polka dot cotton panties under a short skirt, so that I can get up under it and show you what you want to see!! She moves about the room and my camera never leaves her body, showing you glimpses of panties that she allows us to see. She changes into a pink cotton bikini panty under her skirt and models them for us, she even pulls them to the side showing off her “pink edible pussy” to match the panties. Next, Nancy puts on a high cut white cotton panty and you get worms eye views of her panty covered butt. Then a hot pink satin panty, the kind with the black lace butt, which really form fits to hers, like they were made just for her. Then a light blue satin panty, which she models, just the panties and then puts on a skirt outfit, she pulls these to the side also and rubs her pussy as she opens it for you. Then a white”virginal” cotton panty, hiding her virginal pussy. Next a satin panty with the white lace butt, you can see her butt crack through them. This one loves to tease and it really shows on video. Nancy gets nude at the end showing off her butt hole and pussy. (67 minutes) *36-24-36 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#170 Sidney

Monday, July 26th, 2010 Sidney is a very, very cute brunette who stars in an ALL PINK PANTY VIDEO. As she kills time waiting for her friend to arrive to go play tennis, we find her on her bed and I give you a worms eye view of her panty covered crotch covered with a light pink nylon panty. Then she throws and drops her tennis ball and you get great ass shots. She takes off her skirt showing off her little white bra. Then she puts on a nylon pink form fitting pair on her tight little ass. She teases the camera with glimpses up her skirt, then as she is painting her toe nails I bring you worms eye views. Then Sidney puts on a light pink nylon pair under another dress and models her petite body for us. Then she puts on a pink high cut satin brief pair for more teasing. Next another light pink pair showing off her panty covered butt for the camera. Then even another pink nylon pair and more teasing. Wow, so many panty changes!! Sidney says that she picked pink panties because they are so feminine and cute. At the end of her 1 hour 6 minute video she gets nude and even trims her pussy hair for you. Video can be viewed at

P.P.#169 Morgan

Monday, July 26th, 2010 Our next brunette is Morgan, she is by far the silliest girl that I have ever shot. But, she does provide for an entertaining panty video. She starts wearing pink nylon briefs under her dress. These are really form fitting around both her pussy mound and butt. Then she puts on a pair of red nylon French-cut panties and shows them off for you. Then a white lace T-back pair under a shear black dress that you can see her panties through, this is a real turn on! Next a form fitting green lace panty, that you can see her butt crack through. You can also see her pussy hair poking out around the panties. I bring you worms eye views under her tight dress showing off her new pink nylon bikini briefs. Then she she changes into a pair of black French-cut satin panties that really form fit over her butt. Morgan does camera walk overs and then gives us great up the skirt shots as she twirls her skirt over the camera. Nude at the end showing us her natural tits and opens her pussy and butt hole. As she opens her pussy, you can see moisture glistening. Through out her video, she models her panties with and without clothes on.(58 minutes) *36B-28-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#168 Nikki

Monday, July 19th, 2010 This petite brunette is Nikki, she is only 5 ft. tall. She begins her video in a flowery dress with a pair of green shiny satin panties (the kind with the lacy waist band). As she moves she teases and gives us glimpses of her panties and then hides them from our view. Nikki gets on the floor and grinds her butt up and down, showing off that “perfect little ass of hers”. She is an energetic little thing moving constantly, all over the room, but all the while showing off her panties to us. She is a tease with a capital “T”. She pulls her panties to the side revealing her pussy and butt hole, and as always you are right where you want to be up close and personal. She then puts on a pair of hot pink satin panties under her dress, I bring you great worms eye views as she moves and shows herself and her panties off. She changes into a white flowery nylon panty under a pink skirt. While crawling on the floor you get great shots of her panty covered butt. Then she puts on an ivory colored satin French-cut panty and models them for us. Next a beige nylon bikini panty, and back on the floor showing off her panty covered butt, this time pushing her butt right into the camera. Last a light green nylon full cut panty. Nude at the end showing off her natural tits and opening up her pussy for us to see that her panties aren’t the only thing that she has that is pink. (63 minutes) *34-26-35 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#167 Seana

Monday, July 19th, 2010 Seana starts on the stairs, she is wearing a mini skirt with white nylon panties underneath, as she bends over you get worms eye views of her panty covered butt. She is a professional dancer so her body is in great shape, if you are a leg man, order this video. She puts on a pair of pink cotton bikini panties that really form fit her round butt. Under her black vinyl skirt she shows off her panties. This is a real turn on because of her near perfect body. She changes into a plaid skirt and models her outfit for us, as well as her panties underneath. Then she puts on a French-cut aqua satin panty under a tight pink skirt and I bring you worms eye views. Then another French-cut panty in dark green color, under her skirt outfit. Then she puts on white cotton panties. Seana says, they are the type of panties that she likes to wear daily, they are her favorite kind. After more teasing, she takes just the panties off, and you get up the skirt shots of her bottomless under her skirt. At the end she gets completely naked and models her body for you. (1 hour) *34-20-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#166 Sabrina

Monday, July 19th, 2010 Sabrina, one of my most requested models from videos P.P. #136 & 143 agreed to do another single video for you. She starts her TALKY video in a pair of white nylon panties under a skirt on the stairs, so she could give us worms eye views. Then as she moves and poses I bring you you great butt shots, of that terrific butt of hers. Then she changes into another white pair this time they are cotton bikini style, and she does camera walk overs for up the skirt shots. As you remember she is a very wild little thing. Sabrina pulls her panties between her pussy lips, then to the side showing us her love hole. Next, another white cotton panty and she poses for us in just the panties and then puts on a skirt and top for more camera walk overs giving us great worms eye views . Then she puts on a white high-cut nylon panty and poses in just them as she walks around showing off her very nice panty covered butt. After she takes them off, Sabrina puts on a full nylon brief panty that shows off her butt very well, and makes it look real gooood. Under a sexy tight fitting blue dress we view again these nylon brief panties. At the end of this ALL WHITE PANTY video she masturbates while opening her pussy wide for us to see. (66 minutes) *36D-26-37 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#165 Darlene

Friday, July 9th, 2010 This sexy brunette rides in on a motorcycle wearing a skirt with white satin panties underneath. She poses on the bike showing off her panties. Then she goes inside and changes into a pair of yellow cotton panties under a red sun dress, and models on the bed showing off her great round ass. Then she puts on a pink panty under a tight, tight dress. You see every curve of this girl. She gets back on the bed always aware of showing off her panties. She then gets on all fours showing that panty covered butt for the camera. At one point she pulls her panty to the side showing us her pussy. Darlene then puts on a gray satin panty with nothing else, she models them for us and then puts on a blue skirt, for up the skirt shots. After she puts on a black nylon bikini panty with nothing else on and shows off for the camera. This girl is a natural tease, as you can tell. She then models all of her panties with nothing else on but panties, giving us views from every angle. She gets so turned on between the different panties and the idea of being watched that she starts playing with her fuckable pussy. Through out this HOT video, Darlene opens her pussy and butt hole so we can everything and every hole. What a turn on! There is sound the last 8 minutes of this 58 min video. (58 minutes) *talky last 8 minutes Video can be viewed at

P.P.#164 Alexis

Friday, July 9th, 2010 This very pretty blonde is Alexis, she was in Playboy August of 1994. She starts in a tight yellow skirt with white flowered cotton panties. I bring you worms eye views as she walks above me, then she sits on a ledge and you get more worms eye views of her panty covered crotch, up close and personal. Then she moves and you get up the skirt shots of that perfect butt of hers. Alexis wanted to be filmed outdoors, cause she loves nature. Well, mother nature has been very good to her, she has a perfect body and a panty lovers butt, it just fills them out sooooo nice. She changes into a form fitting baby blue lace panty, and you can see what I mean about a perfect “panty lover’s butt”. Next, she gets into a white satin panty under a mini dress and squats giving the camera and you GREAT worms eye views. Then Alexis puts on a pink cotton panty showing off that butt!! All the while she is wearing a white satin bra, very sexy. As she bends over I get you so close you can almost feel her panties. Then she puts on another pink panty, then a sexy black nylon panty with nothing else on and models them for us. At the end, Alexis gets naked showing us the rest of her perfect body. This is a collectors video, because Alexis tells me she will only do panties for me. If you like her let me know and I will try to get her again. (66 minutes) *36-22-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#163 Onyx

Friday, July 9th, 2010 Our Black girl is Onyx, she stars in a TALKY video. Onyx has a hell of a body, petite and tight, she told me that she has been dancing since she could walk. Well, all I can say is that all that hard work paid off. She starts in a hot pink satin panty under a skirt, and does she tease to please. Great worms eye views, next she puts on a white full cut panty that really form fits that butt of hers. Then a cotton panty for some worms eye views. Next, Onyx puts on a light blue satin panty and then a blue nylon panty. All the while as she is changing panties and skirt outfits she is showing off her panty covered butt and crotch for the camera. At the end, she opens wide to show us the pink inside. (1 hour) *TALKY Video can be viewed at

P.P.#162 Cherise

Friday, July 9th, 2010 An equal beauty is Cherise, she was a Penthouse Pet Centerfold in, I think one month in 1992. If any one can find her please let me know. Well any way she stars in an ALL PINK PANTY video outside on a tennis court. She begins teasing us wearing a blue tennis skirt with pink satin panties underneath, as she is sitting on the bench watching a match, we are watching her, she is unaware that we are there, as she moves about and fidgets around in her seat. Then when she finally sees that we are watching, boy does the show start. She is one hell of a tease, moving around and squatting as she picks up tennis balls and walks around the court. She puts on many pink pairs, cotton, nylon, and satin, all the while showing them off to the camera. Many shots of her panty covered butt, this is a butt lovers video. She gets nude at the end showing off that body of hers. (1 hour) *34C-25-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#161 Haley

Friday, July 9th, 2010 Haley is a long haired brunette beauty, she is stunning with a perfect body. You can see her in some of the high fashion magazines modeling for some top designers. She loves panties and when a mutual friend told her about me, she called and wanted to do a video. Well, could I turn down a girl like this, NOT. This TALKY video starts with Haley in a see through dance skirt with cotton panties, as she does a ballet routine on “toe shoes” for us, you see right up her skirt as well as through it. Next she changes into a light green cotton pair under a “formal” type dress, as she is putting on her shoes, I bring you up her dress revealing her panties. Next, a very sexy purple lacy panty under her HOT black leather skirt outfit. She does camera walk overs then squats, all the while you are there with worms eye views. Then Haley, puts on her night gown and a pair of “Betty Boop” cotton panties and goes outside, showing off her perfect body. Then she changes into a sexy white satin panty with flowers and a tight fitting evening dress, great sneak peeks as she puts on her high heels. She squats to look at a plant and again I take you where you want to be, right up her dress. As she walks, her perfect ass wiggles right for the camera. Then she puts back on the purple panty and walks around with just this lacy pair on for you, you can see her butt crack through them. Not much nudity, but one of the most perfect faces and bodies ever. (1 hour) *34B-24-35 TALKY Video can be viewed at

P.P.#160 Mia

Monday, July 5th, 2010 Mia is 1/2 Asian and 1/2 American, and has a great tight petite body. She starts in a white skirt with dark blue satin panties (with the lacy waist band). She teases us with terrific worms eye views. Then she changes into a pair of “Hanes like” hot pink cotton panties under a red skirt. She puts on her dress and dances over the camera showing off her panty covered butt and crotch. She then puts on a pair of silk multi-colored panties and gives us more worms eye views. Then a purple nylon bikini panty to tease us even more. After that, Mia puts on a white French cut nylon panty and does some stretching exercises, with just that pair on, nothing else!!. Different times in the video, Mia is down on all fours. You will love to follow that butt as she crawls. Then a nylon lacey pink bikini panty, after this tease is done teasing us, she shows off her naked body. Her pussy is fairly hairy, for those of us into that. (1 hour) *32B-23-30 Video can be viewed at