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P.P.#214 Joyce & Seana

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 I think the Butts, Legs and Bodies on these girls, speak for themselves but for those of you who need to read on, here it goes…this video is an outdoor video shot in a gazebo staring Joyce from P.P. #200 and Seana from P.P. #167. They start out by wearing nylon form fitting dresses. Seana is wearing white cotton panties under her dress, while Joyce is in a black pair. What butts these two have!! Both girls change into other dresses and Joyce wears a flowered and lace panty and Seana a red satin pair. I bring you worms eye views as they move around and change panties. They do “camera walk-overs” for up the skirt shots of their nice round butts. Seana is wearing and looks HOT in a light blue nylon pair for one of her walkovers. Then they model just panties and then get nude showing off all of their bodies, as well as their nicely trimmed pussy hairs. (62 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#213 Cherise & Patty

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 This video stars Cherise from P.P. #162 & #182 and Patty from #199. These 2 pretty brunettes are playing volleyball wearing pleated skirts. After a few minutes of play they move to a set of stairs and change into various pleated skirts and panties. You get great panty shots with and without skirts. Cherise and Patty wear a terrific assortment of “Victoria Secret” type satin and nylon panties, and a few cotton too. For those of you who love girls modeling in just their panties you will LOVE this video. They play volleyball in panties and shirts and then just in their panties where you can see their great bodies and tits. You will especially love the butt shots as they bend and play. One pink pair rides right up Patty’s butt. WHAT A SHOT!! Patty also models a great white thong pair and both girls bend over again and again showing those long legs and firm butts. (59 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#212 Leslie

Monday, September 13th, 2010 This blonde is Leslie, she is wearing white cotton panties and shows off her round butt to the camera. She then tries on blue silk panties for more great panty shots and then HOT pink satin under a black skirt, always careful to show her panties to the camera. Then she puts on red “rumba” panties and you get great up the skirt shots, next it’s a red satin full brief pair. After all of these she tries on a light yellow cotton with flowers pair. After going through all of them she goes back and tries on her favorite pairs. This little thing is so cute at 5’2″. Leslie is a “must for all panty butt lovers”. (1 hour) *34-26-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#211 Simone

Monday, September 13th, 2010 Simone is a pretty brunette. She stars in an ALL WHITE PANTY VIDEO. Simone begins in a black sun dress with white nylon panties and a cute white lace bra. She moves around on and off her couch as we get glimpses up her skirt. She then wiggles into another nylon pair, this time it’s a bikini pair, and gives us great butt tease shots. Next she gets into a nylon full brief pair under a black skirt and white blouse. Then another nylon pair, but this time does squats to give us up close and personal shots of her panty covered crotch. Simone is a “very energetic little thing”, yet you get all the shots that you can stand of this little performer. Let me also tell you that there is no nudity until the last part of the video, as per some of your requests. (66 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#210 Danielle & Priscilla

Monday, September 13th, 2010 This video features Danielle from P.P. #139 & #189 and Priscilla from P.P. #196. These two lovelies are at the dining room table and I am on the first floor shooting up at them. You get great worms eye views as they are sitting at the table and then as they stand and move around. Danielle has on a HOT PINK nylon panty and Priscilla a white nylon panty. After a while they notice that I am there and squat down to get a better look at me and as they do my camera gets a better look at their panties. They crawl over the banister and come down to where I am, and start putting on their panties to show off to each other and of course to us. Priscilla dresses into a pink cotton form fitting panty, while Danielle puts on a dark blue satin polka dot panty. After modeling they change, Priscilla into a pink satin brief with a lacy front and Danielle a black lace panty. These two can’t get enough of their panties or each other. Danielle puts on a gray satin panty under a gray pleated skirt and Priscilla has on a purple satin panty. These two “help each other take on and off their skirts and panties” and even tease us by pulling the others panties to the side showing off their pussy. At the end these two play with each other, even licking each other’s tits. They get naked and show all four holes for the camera. (69 minutes)
Video can be viewed at

P.P.#209 Charlene & JoAnn

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 This stars Charlene and JoAnn, these two start outside on a bench, the camera peeks out through the bushes to capture these two unaware that they are being filmed. Charlene has on a plaid skirt with blue nylon panties. I bring you terrific up the skirt shots as she goes over and picks flowers. She bends over and then squats looking at the flowers, all the while you are up her skirt!!! Then JoAnn comes over and bends down and I bring you up the skirt shots of her white panties. Then these two stand on the bench and I bring you worms eye views. After 20 minutes they go inside to the bedroom. Charlene puts on a white nylon panty and JoAnn puts on a see through red panty you can see her butt crack through them!. Charlene changes into a pink nylon panty under a black dress and bends over showing off how GOOD they look on her, giving us great ass shots. Charlene puts on a red nylon panty, after modeling JoAnn tries on a blue cotton “jockey” panty that really form fits her. There are about 4 more panty changes which includes a yellow satin panty and a pink cotton panty. At times they show off how good they look in just panties. These two get nude at the end. (69 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#208 Donna

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 This tall beauty is Donna from P.P. #126 and #236. She is OUTSIDE wearing a black skirt with a white flower print panty and black heels. As she is on the patio, I am underneath giving you worms eye views as she moves above. Donna changes into a black & white plaid skirt with black lace panties and I am underneath again giving you GREAT worms eye views. Then she puts on a white cotton panty under her cheerleading skirt and a white top and gives us GREAT butt shots. She then kneels giving us more shots up her skirt. Then she puts on a pair of “white rumba panties” under a white pleated skirt and does some squatting for the camera, showing off her panty covered crotch. Next Donna puts on a HOT pink lace bikini panty under a white sun dress and gets into the pool to show us how her dress clings to her perfect body as well as showing off how her panties cling to her butt. Then she puts on another HOT pink panty this time a satin French cut pair and models just her panties. She tries on a white cotton panty under a navy blue pleated skirt and”dances above and wiggles her butt at the camera, as I am shooting up her skirt”. She gets nude at the end showing off her pink pussy and brown butthole. (62 minutes) *34C-26-38 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#207 Dominique & Dusty

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

This video stars Dominique and Dusty, these beauties are sitting on the stairs as they help each other take off their shoes and socks. Dominique is wearing a plaid skirt with navy blue knee highs and shear white lace panties, while Dusty is in a black skirt with white nylon panties. I bring you UP CLOSE and personal with their panty covered crotches. Then they show each other how their panties look on their butts. If you stop the video now, you will have gotten your monies worth. But, they go into the living room to get more panties to show us. With help from Dusty, Dominique tries on a pair of multi-colored panties and I bring you up close. Then Dominique helps Dusty on with a pair of red satin bikini panties and they both model them for us. Dominique puts on a white blouse with a red skirt and white satin panties with red lips all over them. (Dusty told me that she wished that they were her lip prints on them.) Dusty has on a hot pink panty under a white pleated skirt. You get GREAT up the skirt shots from these two. They know how to tease the camera with their panty covered pussies and butts. Then Dusty tries on a pale yellow panty and Dominique a dark wine colored nylon panty for more teasing. Then a pink satin panty with the lace front and Dusty a black sexy satin panty. Dominique helps Dusty on with a red satin bikini panty that really shows off her butt. Dominique puts on a form fitting black sexy dress with white nylon panties and gives us and Dusty up the skirt shots. All through out this video “these two sniff each others and their own panties”. At the end they show off their nude bodies. (71 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#206 Lynette

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Lynette is a very pretty and sexy black haired little thing. She is in the living room in her ALL PINK PANTY VIDEO. She starts in a satin panty under a black skirt outfit with high heels teasing by giving us glimpses up her skirt as she moves about the room. Then a satin and lace panty and bends over showing off her tight butt. Next a pink cotton panty under a little “sun dress” and acts as if the camera isn’t there as she moves around bending over the couch and then looking under it, all the while I am bringing you great butt shots. Then a hot pink cotton panty (with the lacy waist band) for still more teasing. Then a light pink panty with the lace front showing off her black pussy hair, then pulling them to the side showing off her PINK pussy and opened butthole. Lynette changes into another pair this one has a shear butt to show off her butthole. She then takes off her panties and with just her dress on squats giving us great pussy shots under her dress. She gets nude at the end. Lynette gives you GREAT BUTT as well as WIDE OPEN LEG views. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at