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P.P.#219 Paulette

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 Paulette is a cute blonde wearing a white nylon pair under a skirt outfit outside. She is on a trampoline hopping up and down and doing kicks, as she goes up so does her skirt and I bring you glimpses of her panties. Then she sits on the trampoline and gives us views of her panty covered crotch. Next “she climbs a ladder giving us TERRIFIC up the skirt shots”. She then does some exercises including leg lifts with her butt staring at the camera. GREAT BUTT SHOTS!! She then goes to her car and bends over into it looking for her lost lipstick. Paulette goes inside puts on red rhumba panties and a matching bra. Next a sheer green pair that you can see her pussy through. Then a blue satin pair with matching bra. Paulette tries on a light blue full brief pair and then a light pink full brief pair that are both form fitting, and she teases us with them. At the end she gets nude and we see her completely shaved pussy and natural tits. (1 hour) *34C-26-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#218 Kaitlynn

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 Kaitlynn is a tall pretty brunette, she begins wearing a sexy silk skirt with black sheer panties and white high heels. After some sneak peaks she changes into a white cotton bikini pair, these look great on her tight round butt. Her butt looks soooo good in these panties. As she is changing her high heels, you get up the skirt shots. Next a white cotton pair and great up the skirt shots as she bends over with her tight ass pointed right at the camera. These really fit her form!! Next a light pink cotton hipster pair with the lacy waist band, and then a satin green pair. Kaitlynn has a panty butt to die or kill for, and you will see it shown off in her video. At the end, she gets nude and opens her pussy showing how wet she is from posing, also she opens her butt hole for more views. (1 hour) *36-25-35 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#217 Cherokee

Monday, October 4th, 2010 This video stars Cherokee, a beautiful Black-Asian girl with a perfect body and full round butt, who does a TALKY video. She starts in a white satin pair under a white pleated skirt which she models for us. Then a white satin bikini pair which she gives us glimpses up her skirt. Next she tries on all her panties to show them off and then she goes back to the ones that she really likes. She tries on a blue nylon pair, a flowery white satin pair, a white lace front with satin back and another flowery pair this one with a full back. Cherokee then changes into a short dress and starts over, but this time all the while giving us sneak peaks. As she models her dresses we get to see them. She then starts to exercise and crawl on the ground giving us more up the skirt shots. She dances and does leg stretches giving us great views. At the end she gets herself so excited she masterbates and you can see her juices flow!!! (1 hour) *TALKY *34B-25-33 1/2 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#216 Joy

Monday, October 4th, 2010 This beautiful blonde named Joy, begins outside wearing a leopard print dress with pink nylon panties. After teasing us with her panties she changes into another dress with a sexy satin green pair. She opens her legs as she sits on the chair and pulls her panties up into her butt crack, showing off her great ass. What a perfect body on this girl. Next she puts on a tan sexy lace pair, for more glimpses up her skirt. She does squats for the camera, Boy is she a little tease. She gives ass and worms eye views of her panty covered butt and crotch. You will love the way the next pair looks on her, they crawl up her butt crack as she moves around, especially as she is bending over smelling flowers. Her last pair is a sheer white pair that gets wet, and do they ever get see-through! At the end she models her perfect body naked for us. (1 hour) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#215 Darcie

Monday, October 4th, 2010 This very pretty brunette named Darcie starts her video wearing a black skirt outfit, with white nylon panties that really form fit over her tight round butt. She models her panties under her plaid dress. Then she gets on the bed showing off her panty covered butt and opens her legs wide as she sits on the bed, giving great worm’s eye views. Next she gets into a gray satin (Victoria Secret’s) type panty that really shows off that ass of hers. More Close-ups of her panty covered crotch as she adjusts her shoes. Then she puts on a sexy white form fitting dress with a white satin panty her panty lines showing through. Darcie changes into a green satin pair and gets into a black dress, I get you glimpses up her dress at her panties. Next a purple cotton form fitting pair and then a dark purple satin pair under her sexy black skirt outfit. Darcie does Camera Walkovers and many close-ups. She gets nude at the end of her video. This is a VERY GOOD BUTT VIDEO!!! If you like Darcie, you will also love her two-girl video with her hot friend Sidney in P.P. #246. (1 hour and 3 minutes long) Video can be viewed at