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P.P.#223 Ricki

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Ricki is a pretty brunette starring in an ALL WHITE PANTY VIDEO. She begins wearing a cotton pair under a short skirt outfit. She models on the couch and the floor teasing us as she moves around. We catch glimpses of her panties up her skirt as she does. Next she puts on a white lace pair that really look GREAT on her butt, they are really FORM-FITTING, more close-ups as you get worms eye views of her panty covered crotch. She then puts on a white nylon panty under a black short dress, Ricki gives us up the skirt shots as she kneeling and bending over. She then wiggles her butt at the camera and puts it right in the camera!!! She then puts on a white satin pair for more teasing. Next another white satin panty this time with nothing else on and grinds her panty covered butt for us. This girl loves to show off, at the end, she gets nude and shows off her “glistening pussy” and opens it up so that we can see her pussy perspiration as she calls it. After viewing and enjoying this video, Pure Panties Customers asked for more of Ricki…you can see her again in P.P. #258. (79 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#222 Frances

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 Frances is a very cute blonde staring in an ALL COTTON PANTY video. She starts her video sitting and reading a book and I bring you up the skirt shots of her yellow cotton with (flowers) panties. She is UNAWARE of the camera as she then moves to the floor and with one leg up, I get you up close and personal. Then she goes over onto her stomach and you get great rear views. Then she changes into a white cotton pair and a PINK BRA under another skirt outfit. You get MANY CLOSEUPS of her panty covered crotch, and then Frances bends over showing her panty covered butt to the camera. She then PULLS HER PANTIES TO THE SIDE revealing a COMPLETELY SHAVED PUSSY. She then changes into another white cotton pair and does camera walk-overs for real worms eye views. After the walkovers she changes into a WHITE BRA and yellow cotton briefs for more modeling. And then a light green pair that really form fits over that round butt of hers. Her last pair is a white cotton panty that she puts on with just a long T-shirt and I bring you sneak peaks under the shirt. Frances says that she likes this the best of all because that’s how she lays around her home, with just a T-shirt and panties. At the end she gets naked and shows off more of her shaved pussy and ass. (64 minutes) *34-25-34 Video can be viewed at

P.P.#221 Cecilla

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 Cecilia is a pretty blonde, and this is one of her first videos ever, so she is a little nervous but she puts on a great show. She starts in a black mini skirt with light green nylon panties and a white bra underneath. I bring you my famous close-ups of her panty covered butt. She has a NICE ROUND BUTT, perfect for panties. She then opens her legs wide giving us shots of her panty covered crotch, I bring you right where you want to be. Next she puts on a pale blue satin brief panty which is really form fitting, you can see her pussy mound through the panties, also she is wearing a pretty HOT PINK BRA!! Cecilia then crawls on the ground showing off for the camera. She next changes into a green bra with white nylon panties and does more crawling and wide open leg poses. Then a blue cotton pair with a SEXY WHITE BRA under a pink dress and flashes the camera. Her final pair is a dark blue satin and I bring you up the skirt shots of this beauty. At the end she gets naked and opens up for us. (68 minutes) Video can be viewed at

P.P.#220 Julia

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 This video stars Julia, who as most of you know is the #1 nude model, and the most shot nude model ever, starring in her first panty video. This pretty brunette with the killer body tells me that she loves to wear panties because she loves the feel of them on her pussy. She starts out wearing a pair of beige nylon bikini type under a short skirt. As she moves on the couch you get glimpses up her skirt. Then she stands up and bends over giving us great worms eye views. Next she puts on a purple satin from fitting pair under a ruffled skirt, her butt looks soooo good in them. She squats giving us close ups and then turns showing off that famous butt of hers. She is constantly teasing us. Next she puts on a beige hipster type under a tennis skirt and teases us with many more up the skirt shots. Then a white satin pair under a pink skirt, Julia does more squatting and then pulls her panties to the side, and then pulls the panties into her crotch. She then puts on a pair of pantyhose modeling them for us, and then a green hipster nylon panty for more teasing. At the end Julia gets nude and shows off her pink pussy and butt hole. This is a great butt video. For more hot videos of Julia, check out P.P. #231 & #248. (1 hour) *34C-26-34 Video can be viewed at