P.P.#14 Tammy

PurePanties.comTammy is getting ready to workout. She begins in workout tights with a thong panty underneath then into in a white flowered cotton panty and a pink skirt outfit. You get a worms eye view of her panties as she puts on her shoes. She then stretches and bends giving you great views of her panty covered butt. Then she changes into a white nylon and lace panty, you get close ups as she goes through her cheerleader routine. She is very active on a rowing machine and stationary bicycle. Tammy tries on a deep pink lace panty and goes topless for another exercise. Why didn’t they do that when I was in college! She has such a great little round butt that I can’t help but to take close ups. Then she changes into a french-cut shear panty, you can see her very pretty pussy and butt hole. As she changes you see her tan lines from spring break and unshaven pussy. If you do not like this video you do not like panties. Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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