P.P.#15 Samantha

PurePanties.comSamantha (Sam for short) has the best butt that you would ever want to see. Sam’s video should be named “Panties and Butt”. You will love how some of the shorts she wears in this video look on her. She starts off in a black bra & a black french cut G-string thong pair of panties, that goes right up the crack of her butt. Sam slowly peels these off and then bites them. Then she puts on a light blue satin and white lace thong under her black skirt. Sam moves her panties around as she adjusts them to fit secure on her body, she can’t keep her hands off them. She teases us with those panties and I get you as close as possible, any closer and you could smell her sweet aroma. She then puts on a white cotton French-cut, that covers her butt, she dances and wiggles that pretty butt of hers. These panties are stretched to the limit around her behind. Then Samantha walks over the camera really giving you a worms eye view up her skirt with and without panties on. She puts on a black lace thong and pulls them into her COMPLETELY SHAVED pussy. For a butt and/or panty man this is a must have. Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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