P.P.#218 Kaitlynn

PurePanties.com Kaitlynn is a tall pretty brunette, she begins wearing a sexy silk skirt with black sheer panties and white high heels. After some sneak peaks she changes into a white cotton bikini pair, these look great on her tight round butt. Her butt looks soooo good in these panties. As she is changing her high heels, you get up the skirt shots. Next a white cotton pair and great up the skirt shots as she bends over with her tight ass pointed right at the camera. These really fit her form!! Next a light pink cotton hipster pair with the lacy waist band, and then a satin green pair. Kaitlynn has a panty butt to die or kill for, and you will see it shown off in her video. At the end, she gets nude and opens her pussy showing how wet she is from posing, also she opens her butt hole for more views. (1 hour) *36-25-35 Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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    Greetings :) Is it OK if I kinda off topic? I am trying to look at your website on my new Mac but it won’t display properly, any recommendations? Should I try to find an fix for my computer or something? Thanks in advance! Maureen x :)