P.P.#221 Cecilla

PurePanties.com Cecilia is a pretty blonde, and this is one of her first videos ever, so she is a little nervous but she puts on a great show. She starts in a black mini skirt with light green nylon panties and a white bra underneath. I bring you my famous close-ups of her panty covered butt. She has a NICE ROUND BUTT, perfect for panties. She then opens her legs wide giving us shots of her panty covered crotch, I bring you right where you want to be. Next she puts on a pale blue satin brief panty which is really form fitting, you can see her pussy mound through the panties, also she is wearing a pretty HOT PINK BRA!! Cecilia then crawls on the ground showing off for the camera. She next changes into a green bra with white nylon panties and does more crawling and wide open leg poses. Then a blue cotton pair with a SEXY WHITE BRA under a pink dress and flashes the camera. Her final pair is a dark blue satin and I bring you up the skirt shots of this beauty. At the end she gets naked and opens up for us. (68 minutes) Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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