P.P.#225 Dinah & Mia

Two hot Asian girls, Dinah from P.P. #156 and Mia from P.P. #160 dress and undress each other through out their video. They begin wearing skirt outfits, Mia does leg lifts and I bring you worms eye views of her white nylon panties. Then Dinah does them showing off her white nylon panties. Then they both get on their hands and knees showing us their panty covered butts, and next they crawl on the floor. They put on two other satin pairs, one white with flowers and the other dark blue. They give us glimpses up their skirts. Then these two change into white panties for more teasing and modeling. Undressing completely at the end they show off their firm nude bodies. (63 minutes) *TALKY Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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