P.P.#22 Sherry & Kate

PurePanties.comThis video stars Sherry and her roommate Kate. They start on the bed with a pillow fight. Kate is in white satin panties under a white skirt while Sherry is wearing a skin colored lacy pair under a body hugging pink dress that really shows off all her curves. These two love to tease as you can see by their actions toward each other and toward the camera. Sherry then squeezes into a shear lace pair, that you can see her pussy hair through. Kate shows off her cute petite body with a pair of green cotton panties. Sherry then tries on a aqua panty. They begin to play around, Kate puts on a sexy dress with white satin panties and Sherry a blue jean skirt. I get you close and personal to her butt. This video should be titled “Girls at Play”. As always you get great panty tease shots with both front and rear views. Both of these girls are really into this, they both told me that they love the feel of the panty material against their crotches. These two really go through a lot of panties. They finish by showing their whole and hole bodies. Sherry is hairy while Kate prefers to partially shave. This video is slightly less than 1 hour. Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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