P.P.#6 Courtney

PurePanties.comCourtney is a very, very cute blue-eyed blonde, she tells me that she is a natural born tease. She says that it gets her excited knowing that she is turning guys on. She starts out with a very sexy pink skirt outfit, and just keeps flashing from then on. She plays with her stuffed animal and even has him sniffing her panties. You get a worm’s eye view of one of the best bodies ever photographed, her BUTT just fills out those panties so very nice. She jumps up and down on her bed while I am on the floor watching, so you won’t miss a thing. Courtney loves to dance and exercise and boy does it show here, I get close-ups of her butt wiggling. This California Blonde with freckles is what I have always dreamed of and I hope that she fulfills your dreams as she has mine!! She does many panty changes and finishes with at least 10 minutes of nudity of this almost 1 hour video. ENJOY!!! Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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