P.P.#90 Felicia

Felicia is a HOT BLOODED redhead, she starts in white stockings and heels with a black mini skirt and cream colored nylon panties with a lace waist band. She is a NASTY TEASE. Then into a green satin panty under a short dress for worms eye views. She tries on several dresses and skirts showing her panties each time for you. She bends over and wiggles her ass at the camera, daring you to spank her. She moves to a chair and teases us with nice panty views . Next it is a white nylon and lace trim panty, she walks around in just panties, she loves to show off her body and large tits. After she tries on a white nylon and flower pair and then a full white nylon brief, showing off her muscular butt. Felicia tells me that she loves the feel as she pulls the panties into her crotch and between her pussy lips. She pulls the panties down below her butt to show off her butt crack, and through out this video she is constantly pulling them down onto her legs for some hot tease action. Near the end she puts on a silver raincoat with only her full brief white panties and white heels on. Her French cut nylon lace panties she saves to the end to share with us. (1 hour)
Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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