P.P.#95 Mikki

Mikki is a real tiny thing with long black hair and a 4th generation Japanese. A lot of you have asked for an Oriental, so I found Mikki and boy is this a GREAT video. It is a TALKY, so you will hear as well as see her. She starts with a white lace & nylon panty under a mini dress, she talks to the camera, asking if you like her panties. She teases us by pulling her panties to the side revealing her beaver. Then it’s a white cotton panty with flowers under a white skirt, I bring you my famous up the skirt shot. Then Mikki puts on another white cotton panty under another white skirt, for more teasing, this time revealing her butt hole. Then she does camera walkovers. Next into a red satin panty under a blue skirt peddling a stationary bike, for more up the skirt shots. She has been doing gymnastics all her life, so she is very limber, as you will see with some of the positions that she gets herself into. Then it’s a black satin pair for still more teasing under a skirt for worms eye views of her panty covered crotch. As she takes them off she stops and smells them. At the end she gets naked and masturbates with her panties. THIS IS A GREAT TALKY TEASE and a must have for all serious panty collectors. (1hour) *TALKY *34D-21-33
Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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