P.P.#7 Amanda

PurePanties.comAmanda is a black haired beauty, and when she heard about what I was doing, she begged me to let her make one. After seeing her how could I refuse. Amanda has a great butt, one of the best that I have ever shot and she loves to show it off. So if you are into butts as well as panties this is for you. That butt of hers fills out those shear white panties so when she bends over you can see her crack. Amanda got so excited making this video that she soiled her panties with her sweet juice and it soaks right through. When she does her leg stretches, I’m right there on the floor letting you see her panties under her exercise skirt. After she rides the giant pencil and licks her lollipop she strips to reveal a shaved pussy. Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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