P.P.#143 Sabrina & Meg

PurePanties.com If you thought Sabrina’s #136 and Meg’s #137 were hot videos, wait until you see this one!!!! These two do a panty TALKY, that is just well AWESOME. I am even going to buy this one for myself, that’s how good it is. They start out wearing white blouses with panties on, as they are sitting on the couch, they tease us by showing off their panties between their legs. The best panty shots. These two really get into each other, they start innocently enough, by touching each others panties. Then they change skirts and model for each other, showing off their firm panty covered butts. As they compare panties they get to know each other “Better”. Then Sabrina puts on a pair of light blue “rumba” ruffle panties (as have been requested). They sniff each others panties, their scent turns them on, they start sucking their friends tits. They do panty talk through out as they try on many different styles and colors of panties. Panties really turn these two on. They love how they form fit over their butts (and you will too.) Then, Sabrina tells Meg to sit on her face wearing her panties. Next, Meg returns the favor to Sabrina. Then these two do a panty 69 under their skirts, and pull each others panties to the side to taste each other. What a turn on to see two great looking girls sucking the others panties as they lick each others pussy. Their video is almost 1 hour long, the fastest 1 hour I have ever seen. A lot of panty loving. They tell me they love panties as much as anyone. (57 minutes) *Talky for most of the video Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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