P.P.#144 Tanya

PurePanties.com This video stars Tanya. This braided haired girl starts off in a white skirt with a red soft button up sweater and yellow satin panties underneath. She gives us glimpses up her skirt as she opens and closes her legs and moves around on the couch. I bring you up close so that you can see her hair poking through the panties. Then Tanya puts on a white nylon with flowers panty under a black skirt, for more teasing and showing off her panty covered crotch and butt. Next it’s into a pink cotton “hanes type” panty under a blue skirt, for this very cute girl who loves to tease. Then she gets into a nylon full brief panty with the lacy waist band and the seam up the butt crack. After some more up the skirt shots, she takes off her shirt and does stretching exercises, you see a great butt shot as her nice butt really fills out those panties. Then she gets back into a white cotton bikini panty under a little skirt and does back bends for real worms eye views. Then she gets back into her yellow bikini panty and squats for the camera, showing off, and giving us up the skirt shots, that are terrific. She changes skirts, this time with a pink sports bra, and does camera walkovers and squats over the camera. Then into a white cotton panty for more squats over the camera, if you are a butt man this will be the best for you, as she shows off that tight butt of hers. She then gets on the bed and gyrates and moves her butt up and down, humping the bed. She sits up and pulls her panties to the side showing us her pussy, then turns over revealing her butt hole up close and personal, right to the camera. (This shot is worth the price of the whole video) (1 hour) *34-22-32 Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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