P.P.#153 Jillian

PurePanties.com This hot blonde with almost white colored hair is Jillian, she starts in a sun dress with a pair of blue cotton panties underneath, she teases us as she moves around the room stopping to pick one thing or another off the floor, and of course we are there to capture every move she makes. Next, she puts on a white nylon hip hugger panty under a mini, mini plaid skirt, great worms eye views of that nice tight butt of hers. She then does some camera walk overs. A lot of shots of her panty covered butt. Next she gets into a pair of tan shiny satin hip huggers and squats for us, and then gets on the desk for some panty posing up the skirt shots. THROUGH OUT THIS VIDEO SHE IS UNAWARE THAT I WAS THERE. Because, she was so nervous, Jillian told me that she had to block out the camera and me, so that she could be filmed. After that she puts on a white sexy short dress for more teasing, and she does a hand stand, revealing her panties. She then puts on a white satin panty with a black bra under a black mini dress to really turn you on. Then she walks around with just her panties on. Nude at the end we see what has been hiding under her panties all the time. (66 minutes) Video can be viewed at www.pantyvideos.com

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